Can Womens Perfume be Worn by Men as well?

Absolutely! The scent is all about personal preference and what makes you feel good. Forget the labels – if you love a fragrance, wear it!

The fragrance world has long been divided into absolute ​​categories of “man” and “woman” fragrances. But as we grow aware of the gender spectrum and gender fluidity, it’s time to shake off those demarcations. 

As you know, mild versions of men's and women's perfumes have specific differences between conventional and unconventional perfumes. 

However, it'll be safe to say there is no reason a man can't enjoy a scent targeted at women. Now, we can answer "Why?" and learn how to be well-grounded while selecting these two scents.

The History of Gendered Fragrance

The smell has had a fantastic history; the one thing that stands out is how unlimited the scent was! In most of its history, the fragrance was not dictated by gender. In ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Rome, everybody of both genders usually wore perfumes and oils scented.

The earliest mixtures were composed mostly of flowers, herbs, and resins and had several functions—to combat stenches, decorate ceremonies, or even teach us about a person's social status.

The concept of perfume discrimination by sex is a very new development. It began towards the close of the 19th and early 20th centuries, synchronously with the modern marketing boom. Companies understood that these labels helped sell more perfumes by creating a feeling of distinction.

Then, "feminine" was suddenly linked to floral notes, and "masculine" was connected to muskier scents. It was great marketing, but it was based on something other than any significant properties of the fragrances themselves.

Remember, a better way to think about it is that a smell is determined by your body chemistry and not by anything else. The natural oils in your skin, along with your diet, are the ones that may affect the way the fragrance appears. Therefore, "womens perfume" might turn warm and spicy on a man, and "man's cologne" can be light and refreshing for a woman.

There is a tendency to sort fragrances based on the wearer's gender, which has continued for a long time but is now slowly changing. Nowadays, we can witness a trend of mixing masculine and feminine scents and shifting how rigidly fragrances are being perceived.

People's fragrance use is more influenced by what they like now than socially constructed concepts of what they "should" use. Actually, this is impressive about this world: it should be a place to explore and not a place to put yourself on a chain of strictness.

How does our body chemistry impact scent?

Our unique body chemistry dramatically influences how a fragrance develops on our skin. From our skin's pH balance to the mysterious influence of pheromones, factors create our personal scent symphony. Let's explore the fascinating science behind it!

Women's Perfume | Emirates Oud

🔵 Your Skin's pH: Our skin's pH level determines how acidic or alkaline it is. This subtle difference can impact how perfume notes stick to our skin and how quickly they evaporate, influencing the strength and longevity of the scent.

🔵 Oil Production: Everyone has natural oils on their skin. Some of us are oilier; some are drier. These oils interact with perfume ingredients, sometimes amplifying specific notes and softening others. For example, a floral fragrance might become sweeter on someone with oilier skin.

🔵 It's all about the Heat: Your body temperature plays a role, too! Warmer skin tends to project scent more strongly. That's why the same perfume can smell more intense on someone who runs naturally warm or is active than on someone more excellent.

🔵 What you Eat Matters: Believe it or not, your diet can subtly affect your body odor. Strong spices, garlic, and even lots of red meat can change how fragrances appear on your skin.

🔵 Pheromones: The X-Factor These are natural chemicals our bodies produce, mainly undetectable to our noses. Yet, they play a mysterious role in how perfumes interact with our scent – sometimes enhancing specific notes, other times creating a clash.

Understanding the fragrance structure

Think of perfumes like a symphony played over time. Here's the basic structure:

👉 Top Notes: These are the first things you smell - bright, fresh, and attention-grabbing. Think citrus, light herbs, and airy florals. They fade quickly, revealing the heart of the scent.

👉 Middle Notes (Heart Notes): The soul of the fragrance emerges as the top notes soften. These can be florals, warm spices, or fruits - lasting a few hours on the skin.

👉 Base Notes: The rich foundation lingers the longest. Think woods, resins, vanilla, and musk—they ground the scent and give it lasting power.

Perfume isn't just about profiles of the separate notes; it is about the dance of their interaction. This is why product tags like "men's" and "women's" may not fit the bill. A scent of rose that is melted along with smoky leather is very far from a sweet and fluffy bubblegum rose smell!

'Feminine' Notes Men Can Own

👉 Rose: The ultimate shapeshifter! Rose can be spicy, fresh, cold, aromatic, or mellow and soft. On top of that, with oud, leather, or tobacco- masculine dominance is inevitable.

👉 Jasmine: Yes, it's rich and sweet, but when combined with notes of citrus or tea, jasmine can also have a surprisingly crisp green tone.

👉 Lavender: When people think of lavender, they might think it is just for relaxing. However, it can be ideally used alongside wood or spices.

What women's perfumes can also be worn by men?

Perfume for women's | Emirates Oud

Here are some of the Examples of 'Women's' Perfumes That Men Can Rock

🔴 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is a sophisticated classic with a playful side. Sparkling citrus top notes mingle with a heart of lush jasmine and rose, all anchored by warm patchouli, vanilla, and musk. The citrus keeps it fresh, while the patchouli and musk give it an assertive, grounded feel. 

🔴 Tom Ford's Black Orchid: Opulent, dark, and seductive. Notes of black truffle and dark chocolate give way to orchids, florals, sandalwood, incense, and amber base. Though decadent, the incense, amber, and spice cut through any excessive sweetness, making it perfect for someone who loves a bold, statement fragrance.

If you enjoy complex, citrusy fragrances, check out Emirates Oud's men's, women's, and unisex perfumes.

🔴 Yves Saint Laurent Libre: Modern and empowering with an underlying warmth. Lavender (traditionally a men's note) dominates the top, balanced by orange blossom and a creamy vanilla base. The lavender is herbal and sharp, cutting through the florals to take this into unisex territory.

🔴 Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' By the Fireplace: Cozy, smoky, and undeniably comforting. Evokes wood burning in a fireplace, with notes of clove, chestnut, and vanilla accord. Though warm, the smokiness keeps it from being overly sweet or feminine. Perfect for cooler weather and anyone who loves woody perfumes, atmospheric scents.

🔴 Narciso Rodriguez For Her (black bottle): Elegant, sensual, and musky. Orange blossom and osmanthus ( a fruity-floral) intertwine with amber and musk for a creamy, alluring scent. The musk is the key here, giving it a velvety, almost skin-like quality that can be incredibly alluring to anyone.


The range of words like sensuality, power, emotions, or self-expression should replace those old labels. If a scent tugs at your heartstrings and makes you feel solid and adventurous – you've found the right one.

So remove those standard guidelines and let your soul be your undisputed master. Push yourself from the typical frame and make your nose your guide to discovery. It is great to know what fragrance combinations have given you your favorite scents, and I invite you to share those discoveries in the comments section of the Emirates Oud website.

You can also explore our best perfume for women. Below are a few personal choices of mine.

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